Young Women Empowered

About Us

Who We Are and Whom We Serve:

Y-WE provides mentorship and empowerment programs for teen women in the greater Seattle area. We serve a diverse group of girls, ages 13-18, and women mentors, ages 19-70+. The organization is open to young women from all walks of life. Currently, over 70% of the youth are immigrants to the US and 80% of the youth and 50% of the adults are women of color. Our youth and mentors also represent a myriad of family, sexual orientation, religious, political, and educational backgrounds. We offer our programs free of charge, and we invite families to contribute as they are able.  Each year we directly serve over 350 youth, 150 adults; and we impact over 1500 community members.

To learn more, watch our video “How did Y-WE begin and what do we do?” on our Videos Page.

Our History:

Y-WE is an organization born out of the enthusiasm and demand of the young women we serve. We offered a pilot of our 7-month leadership program in 2010 and it was so successful that they girls, mentors, teachers and youth workers who participated in that pilot banded together to form an organization that would offer year-round programs for girls and women. In May 2011, we launched Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) under the umbrella of the non-profit PYE Global (Partnership for Youth Empowerment), an organization that provides youth program training in over 7 countries on a proven arts empowerment curriculum. Our EIN# is 90-0429162.

While we are in the process of obtaining our own 501(c)(3) designation, PYE Global takes fiscal responsibility for Y-WE. Currently we have an Advisory Board which will transition into Y-WE’s Board of Directors.  Our board is made up of professionals who are committed to insuring that Y-WE is available for girls for years to come. We are actively seeking new board members—especially individuals with expertise in law, technology, education, accounting, fund development, and social entrepreneurship business management. If you are interested in applying to be on our board, please contact:

The Need:

As many NW youth organizations struggle to balance their budgets, girls programs often suffer cuts. These groups are increasingly sending their participants to our programs. We’ve collaborated with New Futures, Neighborhood House, Ballinger Homes, Seattle & Shoreline High Schools, YMCA, Solid Ground, UW, WG206 and many other reputable organizations to serve their women and girls. The demand for our programs comes primarily from the participants. We are a feedback-based program and we shape our curriculum around the needs and interest of the women and girls we serve.


  • Provide equal access to our programs for women and girls from ALL walks of life.
  • Provide transportation, scholarships, & nutritious food at every event.
  • Provide consistent group mentorship from diverse adult role models who share their professional expertise, personal advice, and networks.
  • Build long-lasting friendships and “positive girl-culture” between participants from different neighborhoods, religions, cultures, economic backgrounds, and generations
  • Listen to the youth we serve, include young women in organizational leadership, and continually reshape our curriculum based upon their feedback.
  • Partner with other organizations like the Seattle Reparatory Theater and the UW Geo-Literacy Department to offer young women access to education and the arts.
  • Incorporate PYE Global’s proven “creative community model” to build self-confidence, encourage collaboration, and promote social justice (make sure to link to:
  • Engage our participants in fundraising, program planning, service projects, trainings for other programs, etc. so that they can learn how to put their own ideas into motion.

For more information please contact us at