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Y-WE Speak Non-residential camp July 11-15th, 2016

Wisdom from the Wild Self: Y-WE Speak 2016 Summer Performance

  • We invite you to join us on Friday, July 15th, for Wisdom from the Wild Self: Y-WE Speak 2016 Summer Performance. We will be gathering to celebrate the voices and stories of the young women and mentors in this year’s Y-WE Speak summer camp. Y-WE Speak exists because we believe that every girl’s story matters and that every girl’s story is important. Participants, mentors, and facilitators will be working hard all week to combine their creativity, passions, and voices into a show that will debut for all of you on Friday night. The theme for Y-WE Speak this summer is “Wisdom from the Wild Self”. You won’t want to miss it! The event is FREE and donations are welcomed!
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Y-WE Write Residential Camp on Whidbey Island August 15-21st, 2016

Y-WE Lead Open House October 15th, 2016 at El Centro de La Raza   

Y-WE Ignite Fundraising Dinner February 2017

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