Young Women Empowered

Y-WE Code

Who owns the internet?  What’s behind the technology that you use every day? Why aren’t there more women in tech? And what does it mean to be a creator of technology? 

In the Y-WE Code program, we explore these questions at the same time that we get hands-on with digital creation.

Y-WE Code provides STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and empowers young women to use technology tools for learning, career, financial success, self-expression and social change.

Learning software development through hands-on activities, creative projects and discussion gives girls the confidence and leadership skills to excel in STEM or any other field.

In the Y-WE Code program, young women:

  • Learn about and discuss important issues in the tech industry and wider culture.
  • Engage in hands-on software development as creators of technology, not just consumers.
  • Explore technology’s potential for personal expression and social impact.
  • Practice and develop leadership and communication skills through the process of software development.
  • Learn about technology-based careers.

What do participating girls say about the Y-WE Code program?

Coding opens a lot of doors…..and is an increasingly applicable skill to have.

I feel like I found some potential mentors I can ask questions about. I’m actually now more interested in coding and technology and learning more about what I can do in that field.

I enjoyed and found useful the discussions that we had about young women’s struggle to find power in the male-dominated technology environments.

Program workshops address themes like: Why aren’t there more women in Tech?; My Profile & Social Network; Accessibility: Gender, Race and Technology; Who owns the Internet?; My Life as a Game.

In intensive monthly workshops as well as afterschool drop-in sessions, young women engage in hands-on project-based learning and problem-solving as they explore coding basics and software development, engage with blogs/Tumblrs and data mining, redesign an app then pitch their idea, learn about net neutrality, publish online, and modify an existing video game template to reflect their lives.

Adult women mentors participate alongside girls in Y-WE Code. Our mentors include staff from Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Boeing, Amazon, Expedia and other industry leaders and STEM professionals.



Generous Supporters

Y-WE Code is made possible by the generous support of Best Buy, IBM, Microsoft and Y-WE donors.