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The Y-WE Nature Connections program…

creates opportunities for young women to build a personal and interpersonal relationship with nature through education, experience, and reflection. We offer opportunities for you  to experience our local natural places first-hand. Through every workshop and field trip, we will explore the importance of sustainable living and protecting our natural places.


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“Exciting and Informative: Y-WE Nature Connections leaves you feeling inspired to more in your community and for your environment” -Y-WE Participant

“The first thing I noticed about our granddaughter when she returned from Y-WE was how relaxed she looked; confident and happy. A 7-mile round trip hike was easily managed, she reported, and the food was great! She had not stayed overnight with anyone outside the family for at least two years, and we’re glad this went so well.” –Grandmother of a Y-WE Participant

“I had the chance to join the incredible Y-WE team this summer on a field trip to the Northern Cascades. The managing team is inspiring– they have created not just a safe space free of judgement, but also a place where young women are heard, support one another, and know what it means to be comfortable in one’s own skin. I have gained so much more than anything I have given.” -Y-WE Mentor

“Nature Connections reminded me to be open to adventure.” -Y-WE Participant

About Y-WE Nature Connections

In a supportive and diverse community of girls and women, Y-WE Nature Connections participants have fun exploring the outdoors, actively engage our bodies, encounter the beauty of wilderness, deepen our relationship with ourselves, practice skills that promote safety and resilience in the outdoors, explore our relationship with nature and people, and discover ways we and our communities can be good stewards of our natural environment, protecting our earth for future generations. Adventures include rock climbing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking.




In Y-WE Nature Connections, you can…

  • Define what nature is for you and build a personal relationship with local natural places
  • Develop your own outdoor activities and workshops
  • Put your outdoor skills into action
  • Hike forest and beach habitats
  • Engage in hands-on citizen science and learning related to Puget Sound issues
  • Carry out stewardship and service activities
  • Learn about organic farming
  • Enjoy nature-based personal exploration and creative arts

Program Structure

Y-WE Nature Connections is a year-long program that runs from October  to June. The program includes skill-building days in Seattle and experiential trips to our state’s national parks and other exciting areas in the region. This program is delivered in partnership with The Mountaineers, and many of the program days take place at The Mountaineers’ office in Seattle’s Magnusson Park. For each program day that takes place outside of Seattle, we will be meeting at a central location and leaving as a group for our destination.

Y-WE will provide transportation for out-of-Seattle expeditions. You can find our programs schedule below. Y-WE Nature Connections participants are expected to be at all events, unless informing the Y-WE program team otherwise.

Y-WE Nature Connections Schedule – coming soon! 

*For all events taking place outside of Seattle, we will meet in the north parking lot of El Centro De La Raza: 2524 16th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144

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Contact Program Manager, Anna McCracken at or 253-355-1502.

Generous Supporters

Y-WE Nature Connections is made possible by the generous support of the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, REI, The North Face, ESPN, The Mountaineers and generous Y-WE donors.