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Y-WE WRITE Summer Camp

Y-WE WRITE Summer Camp, Whidbey Island

Y-WE & Hedgebrook team up for an amazing leadership and creative writing summer camp on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA. This is a weeklong exploration of young women’s voices, stories, dreams and talents.  This camp is unlike any other. 

Youth will get to:2016 Write Camp
• Hang out with awesome diverse girls and women
• Meet dedicated mentors who will inspire you
• Work with professional spoken word artists, poets, novelists, song-writers, and more
• Develop your unique voice, writing skills and talents
• Enjoy the natural beauty of Whidbey Island
• Explore your creativity through art and dance
• Relax, eat delicious food, and make new friends

For: Young Women*, ages 14-19

Click here to view/download details about this year’s exciting workshops.
Click here to learn more about our 2018 Hedgebrook Teaching Artists.

Meals and Lodging: Young women will be sleeping in tents. Y-WE can provide tents and sleeping bags for anyone who needs them. Indoor program facilities, hot showers, bathrooms, and yummy nutritious meals are provided. To see photos and info about the Whidbey institute, please visit:

Price includes lodging, programming, meals and snacks for all program days.
Click here to view our packing list.

Camp Goals:

1. To explore our creativity through writing and other arts.

2. To build an inclusive supportive community.

3. To deepen our understanding of the role of writing in our lives.

4. To learn the power of our stories.

5. Have fun!

A typical day at Y-WE Write will look like:
8:30-9:30am Breakfast
9:30-10:00am Movement/Centering/Meditation
10:00-10:30am Morning Check-in/Community Meeting
10:30am-1:00pm Hedgebrook Workshops
1:00-2:30pm Lunch
2:30-3:15pm Author Talk
3:15-3:30pm Break
3:30-5:00pm Plenary/Alternating Free Choice & Free Time
5:00-5:30pm Free Time
5:30-7:00pm Dinner
7:00-7:10pm Gratitude Circle
7:10-8:00pm Family Group Time
8:00-9:00pm Evening Activity/Night Night
11:00pm Lights Out

About Y-WE Staff: 

The camp will be facilitated by the Y-WE Staff. Please visit our Staff Page to read the full bios for our staff facilitators.

About Y-WE Mentors: 

The camp will have a 1:3 ratio of adults to youth. Our mentors are diverse and powerful women who generously volunteer their time to participate in the camp. Our mentors offer their skills, networks, and passions to support the success of all the young women. They are in fields that range from the arts, to business, to technology, to education.

About Hedgebrook: 

Hedgebook is a 25-year old literary nonprofit with the mission to support visionary women writers whose stories and ideas shape our culture now and for generations to come. Hedgebrook will be selecting 4 of their powerful alumnae to work closely with Y-WE youth and mentors over the course of the camp. The writers will each present on a different area of literary expression—including poetry, fiction, playwriting, lyrics, spoken word, autobiography, and more!

Questions? Contact Y-WE Program Manager Anna McCracken at or (253) 355- 1502. Learn more about Hedgebrook at

What to Pack: 
***Please label EVERYTHING with your name!!***

Sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow
Sleeping pad
Rain gear
Casual clothing appropriate to the season
Slippers/heavy socks for use in shoeless indoor areas
Warm clothes for evening outdoor activities
Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
Insect repellent (citronella)
Sun-block and hat
Two towels (for shower and beach)
A mug for bathroom use
Bathing suit
Shoes suitable for trails and wet grass
Water bottle with a strap on it
Extra socks
If you have one, please bring a tent you can share with others (3 or more to a tent)


Art supplies (like special paints or pencils you like to use), poems or other readings you might want to share, musical or percussion instruments, wild and funky costumes or accessories (you never know what might come in handy).

NOTE: Youth are responsible for the belongings they bring. Please DO NOT bring any valuables or electronics. Y-WE is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

*Gender Inclusion: Y-WE empowers people who identify as women, were socialized as women, or who were assigned female at birth. Gender nonconforming, gender non-binary, trans, intersex, and other gender variant participants are welcome