Young Women Empowered


People of all backgrounds, ages, careers, genders, religions, ethnicities and experiences support Young Women Empowered. This is because it is proven that when you invest in a young woman, she will reinvest 90% of the resources she gains through her education and career back into her community. Thus, an investment in the power and potential of young women is an investment in a better future for us all!

Click here to support Young Women Empowered. And if you sign up to donate monthly during the month of December, Microsoft will MATCH your first gift! Thank you for investing in the power and potential of the next generation of young women leaders!


Featured Supporter: Karen Wong-Duncan & Rick Duncan

“We encourage others to support Y-WE because helping the flame of any one young woman to grow bright has a ripple effect of lighting a beacon for others.”

You can read more about Rick, Karen and other Y-WE supporters HERE.



Featured Alumna: Iman Mohamed

“Y-WE helped me to grow confident in my own skin and love who I am.”

You can read more about Iman and other empowered Y-WE alumnae HERE.