Young Women Empowered

Youth Leadership Council

What is the YLC?

The Youth Leadership Council will run from Sept 28, 2019-June 6, 2020. In order to be eligible you must have previously completed at least one Y-WE Program.  YLC is for returning youth seeking to deepen their leadership and become stewards of Y-WE culture, by contributing their ideas on the direction of the organization, building their skill as facilitators, and applying their leadership in the greater community.

Meetings will take place Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30pm at the Y-WE Office.

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YLC Calendar: 2019-2020

Sept 28-29: YLC Retreat
Oct 9: YLC Meeting
Oct 23: YLC Meeting
Oct 26 or 27: Facilitation training
Nov 6: YLC Meeting
Nov 20: YLC Meeting
Dec 4: YLC Meeting


Jan 15: YLC Meeting
Jan 29: YLC Meeting
Feb 8: Stem Day (Optional)
Feb 12: YLC Meeting
Feb 26: YLC Meeting
Mar 11: YLC Meeting
Mar 25: YLC Meeting 

Apr 8: YLC Meeting
Apr 22: YLC Meeting
Apr 25: Career Day
May 6: YLC Meeting
May 20: YLC Meeting
June 6: Community Celebration

YLC News & Updates

The YLC members have kept busy during the 2017-18 school year! We’re thrilled to highlight a few exciting updates:

Nasra & Namaka performing on MLK Day

MLK Day Poem:
Instead of taking a day off on MLK Day 2018, Y-WE decided to join the annual MLK Day Rally and March hosted by Garfield High School and the City of Seattle. This year’s theme was “Take a Knee for Justice.” YLC members Nasra Ali and Namaka Auwae-Dekker wrote and performed a politically charged slam poem in front of an audience of thousands at the rally at Westlake Center.

YLC Health Day Workshops:
During Y-WE’s annual Health Day, five members of the YLC and one adult mentor designed and facilitated workshops to promote discussion about health in their community. They each chose topics they cared about. Each workshop had about 20 participants in attendance:
• Namaka and Anna C.: Disability Justice
• Zaria and Nasra: Hip Hop and Mental Illness
• Sophie and Sonja: Healthy Cooking

Let’s Talk Race Series:
Organized by Nafasi Ferrell (Y-WE Mentor) and featuring Y-WE’s Youth Leadership Council, this powerful event series challenges institutional racism by connecting community organizations and individuals through film, dialogue, storytelling and restorative justice.

Here’s a recap of the first event (“Migration and the World”) from YLC member Zoya:
Radical truth and engaging facilitation came together at Race and Migration workshop, part of the Let’s Talk Race series sponsored by the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association. The workshop was led by two participants from Young Women Empowered’s Youth Leadership Council, Ha’aheo Auwae-Dekker and Rosario Lopez, and Christina Antonakas Wallace, a local filmmaker, who is currently working on a documentary about immigration. There were 50 people in attendance, representing a wide range of gender, age, and ethnicity. The workshop invited participants to share their personal experiences with migration through a variety of activities, including an interactive timeline highlighting the racist legislation against immigrants throughout history in the US. The purpose of Let’s Talk Race is to create community through dialogue about race and the ways it impacts our lives through a variety of lenses such as religion, migration patterns, education, economics. And that’s exactly what happened at the Race and Migration workshop.

Learn more and view the full calendar here. Check out this video from the event:

Migration and the World Recap

Check out the recap video of our first event of the 2018 Let's Talk Race Series: Migration and the World!

Posted by DNDA's Let's Talk Race Series 2018 on Friday, January 19, 2018


2018-2019 Members


 Hi! My name is Azure, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m a junior at Garfield High School.  Community is one of the most important things in life, and I believe that YWE is one of the best communities out there. I wanted to be in YLC to help make the YWE community continue to grow and be amazing. I aspire to be a better facilitator and have a powerful voice. Outside of YLC, I’m part of the Congress of Racial Equality and the Sexual Assault Awareness Club at my school. I also enjoy writing, collaging, and spending time with loved ones.



 Hello!!! My name is Beatriz Angel-Ramos and I am 16 and the oldest of 4 daughters. It hasn’t been
easy at all especially because of my dream going to the university and having my career dream, but
with parents who had immigrated to a country where they want a better feature for us. A year ago Y-
WE helped me get very empowered and helped me get my voice heard: my family had to move before the end of the first semester and the school told me and my sister that we wouldn’t get any credit, but with the help of mentors from Y-WE we were able to fight back,  get our credit and make sure that my sister and me are able to graduate high school on time. I want to join YLC because I want to be a bigger part of the Y-WE Family and help other young girls in the community, I’m want to be able to help them make sure that it doesn’t matter how old you are that they can make a difference!!



 Charlotte is a local Jewish 17 year old. She loves carrying for others and making sure they
are healthy and supported. She is continually working to better herself and learn from those around
her how to love everything around her.



Hello! My name is Garo. I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior at Decatur High School and I’ve been in Y-WE Lead for 3 years and I enjoy hanging out with my friends, referencing vines, and making new friends! Y-WE has shaped me as a leader throughout the years and has provided a safe space where I and
many other young women can be themselves without judgment.




 Hi. My name is Juana I go by she/her pronouns, I am 15 years old I go to Mount Rainier high school,
when I feel more empowered is when I speak up & make it be heard by others, dancing, speaking
my language. This is my first year in YLC. I love Y-WE
and everyone makes you feel welcome by who you are and don’t judge you that’s why I love Y-WE. Also I choose to be involved because I felt that had to make myself more confident on my
leadership. My goal this year is to be more self confident and to do running start and enter Highline



My name is Juneaux! I live in Seattle Washington and am a Senior at Nathan Hale High School. I started participating with Y-WE in the 2017 YWE write program held at the Whidbey institute. Since
my time at Y-WE, I feel my thoughts toward community building and self care and have grown, and I
feel that Y-WE is a very special place that anyone is welcome!


Laxmi A. 

Namaste, I am Laxmi. I believe in the right to express your self. Stand up even when your alone. There’s no fear in life, live it!


Laxmi H.

Loves communication. I have huge respect to my culture. Friendly.



Hi! I’m Lucia. I use she/her pronouns, I am 15 years old, and I attend The Center School. I am passionate about art, nature, and community, and I value making connections with the people and land around me just as I value making connections within myself. I am so honored to be part of YLC and I look forward to working with other youth to support our wonderful Y-WE community. Through YLC I hope to contribute my ideas and thoughts in order to help make Y-WE an even more vibrant
and strong community.



 I am very open minded, as well as a hard worker, and loving friend. I do my best to help those around me, because they bring out the best in me. Y-WE is my home away from home, and I plan to be with them for as long as they will keep me.




 Hello! My name is Mya and I have been a part of Y-WE since summer 2017. I am a junior and I attend University Prep. I am very interested in helping other victims of oppression be lifted back up emotionally, mentally and spiritually by helping to build their self-esteem and self-awareness. I hope that through Y-WE I get to practice developing my strengths and weaknesses in leadership skills so that I can convey my passion to other people.



Namaka is an activist, poet, and local youngster.




Hey! My name is Nikai and I am 14 years old going on 15 on November 7 th . I prefer she/her pronouns. I attend Interlake High School in Bellevue Washington. I feel empowered when I accomplish something people (or I myself) doubt that I can do, and when I’m surrounded by people who have similar morals as me. I joined YLC because I really enjoyed doing the camps and lead programs from my previous experience with ywe and I wanted to connect with more people on a deeper level and be a part of ywe more. My goal is to get to know myself better so Ican find what I’m passionate about, I also just want to build more connections with people
and be around a supportive group who accepts me.



Hello! My name is Robin, and I’m 17. I am currently at Bellevue College and hoping to get my AA there. I love dancing, making music, and creating things I can share with others. Y-WE and the YLC have been the perfect place to do all three, and have changed my life for the better in every way I can think of. I participated in the YLC last year and had an amazing, eye-opening time. YLC has given me countless opportunities, and this year I look forward to offering and experiencing even more. This year I hope to gain a deeper community and then make a difference in it.



Savannah (she/her) is going into the 10th grade at Franklin High School. She participated in Y-WE Write this past summer (’18) and absolutely fell in love. She found a real connection to this organization and had to come back. She enjoys singing, creating, and learning (especially from her peers and other womxn of color). She is looking forward to improving her leadership skills and growing into the powerful young woman she's becoming!




Hey! I’m Suhur 16 years old. I’m a Junior Tyee high school. I’m in Y-WE because it’s a space where I can be myself and learn to be a better me without any judgments. I want to join the YLC this year because I want to gain more leadership skills, and so that I make the new Y-WE youth feel more welcomed. A goal I have this year is to challenge myself and to enjoy it.