Young Women Empowered

Monthly Giving


Y-WE’s Feed the Fire program is your chance to invest in the power of girls, young women and gender non-binary people to change our world by setting up recurring donations each month.

The impact of your gift will be felt year-round, and can be made at any amount* that is meaningful to you. Not sure where to start? Below are examples of the type of impact you’ll make when you Feed the Fire:

Embers: $150/month
The flames get all of the attention, but it’s the embers that stay warm all night. When youth graduate from Y-WE programs, they don’t graduate out: they graduate in. Our alumni come back as mentors and interns, growing their skills and building their networks. New this year, we’re offering programs exclusively for alumni to reconnect with Y-WE and receive coaching on their future plans during this new stage in their lives. Your monthly gift of $150 can help bring these new programs to life.

S’Mores: $84/month
S’Mores taste like summer nights and fond memories. At Y-WE Write, we partner with Hedgebrook teaching artists to help each youth find their individual voice through writing. At camp, young women build powerful, lasting friendships that grow year round. Your monthly gift of $84 will help keep that summertime magic, where possibilities are endless, alive throughout the year.

Fuel: $55/month
To keep burning, fires need fuel. At Y-WE Nature Connections, we rely on fuel to get youth out of the city and into the wild to camp, hike, climb and more! For many participants, Nature Connections hosts their first adventures on the trails, and can inspire a lifelong connection with the great outdoors. Giving at this level will help provide roundtrip transportation to Nature Connections programs.

Kindling: $30/month
Kindling helps a fire grow. To grow as leaders, youth need energy to jump into activities and build new relationships. Every Y-WE Lead day starts with a healthy lunch and includes wholesome snacks throughout the day. Your monthly gift of $30 can help provide an entire year’s worth of nutritious food for a participant in Y-WE Lead. 

Tinder: $16/month
Fires start with tinder: little sticks and bits of paper that burn hot and bright. With your monthly gift of $15, you can ensure participants have access to the technology they need for hands-on learning activities in Y-WE Code. Your gift will help spark an interest in STEM that can open doors and change lives. 

Have another donation amount in mind?
Sign up at any level* that feels personally meaningful to you. We’re so grateful for your support.

*Minimum donation required of $10/month. Once you sign up, your credit card will be charged automatically each month on the date you choose — and you can increase or change your gift of any size at any time.

Questions? Contact Jessica Agi: or 206-724-4776.

Thank you for investing in the power of young women to change our world!