Applications for Winter Programs are now live! Due by December 5.

Our theme for winter is Innovation and Creativity. Online programs will culminate in a community STEM Day on March 13. We will also take a week off for midwinter break February 15-19. While our school-year offerings will feel different this year, we are excited to offer weekly programs and one-on-one options on various creative topics. Please check the days and times of each program before you apply to make sure you are able to attend. Also, please do not apply to participate in more than 2 programs. 

Tarot and Creative Process

Tuesday 6:00-8:00PM, January 19-March 13

What could be learned from pulling tarot cards on a daily basis, taking time to learn from artists in different disciplines, and giving special attention to the ways you honor the tools of your craft? This course will focus on process over product by engaging with the question of how your artistic practice might be impacted by experimenting with different ways to slow down and tune in. The majority of the learning will take place offline through a box filled with course materials including journals, candles, tarot cards, and hands on learning experiments. Guest artists will join our Zoom call to answer questions on topics such as the power of starting small and cultivating digital free downtime. Facilitated by Max Boenish.


Winter and Chill

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00PM, January 20-March 13

Fall Feelings & Winter Blues? Love music and art? This is the Zoom session for you- We’ll listen to music and watch videos, play games, enjoy short films and share story. Facilitated by Kamilla Kafiyeva.


Nature Art & Journaling

Thursdays 4:00-6:00PM, January 21-March 13

Together we’ll explore the wisdom and creativity of Mother Earth through art, journaling, music, and conversation. Nature will be our inspiration and our teacher as we explore topics like self-care and healing, leadership and environmental justice, and how to be innovative in building resilient communities. At the end of the program we will create a digital zine to share and showcase our work. Participants will each get a box with all the needed art supplies. Facilitated by Rae Parks.


Hands on the Land at Marra Farm

Saturdays, 9:00AM-12:00PM

**Dates differ: February 27-April 10

With our hands on the land at Marra Farm, we will connect with the Earth in reciprocal relationship, gain practical gardening skills, and grow fresh, culturally-relevant produce. We will also learn how to disrupt the racist and unjust food system dominant in the U.S. through investing in food sovereignty and access locally.
As the growing season begins, the garden wakes up to the possibility of growth and new life. We will cherish and steward the garden during this tender, creative time – weeding the garden, planting seeds and starts, adding nutritious soil amendments, seeding plant starts, and harvesting and washing produce. Along the way, we will develop skills around food preservation, plant medicine, chicken and fruit-tree care, creek restoration, and more. We will also organize sharing container gardens with others in the Y-WE community to support them in growing food at home.

We will meet every Saturday in person, with the exception of STEM Day, which will be online. Group size is limited to 6. We will follow strict safety practices in alignment with state and CDC guidelines. Equipment is provided, no gardening experience necessary!  Facilitated by Neli Jasuja and Tayah Carlisle. 


Hands on the Land at Marra Farm, Summer 2020

Anti-Racism and Accountability for White Folks

Mondays 4:00-6:00PM

This program is for white-identifying members of the Y-WE community who want to practice anti-racism within themselves and their communities. We will focus on taking responsibility for our own learning and real-life anti-racist action. We will lean primarily on the work of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) anti-racism leaders, educators, and activists to guide our journey. Through art, reflection, and more, we will explore identity, work to disrupt internalized white supremacy, and take action to dismantle systemic racial injustice within ourselves and in our communities. We will also explore how to do this work in ways that avoid burnout and hold space for joy and rest. Facilitated by Rae Parks and Guest BIPOC Facilitators.


***Why is this group for white people only?*** White supremacy is deeply embedded in our identities and ways of being, and it is our responsibility to undue these internalized patterns. White people often rely on People of Color to educate them and perform difficult emotional labor on their behalf without consent or compensation. In doing this work in an all-white space, we hope to mitigate the potential negative impact on POC in our lives as we do this emotionally messy work.

Y-WE also hosts other affinity groups. Please contact the facilitators below if you are interested in joining!

  • Black Folks: Black Out Healing
  • Contact: Mary Hall Williams,
  • Asian Pacific Islander Folks: API Anti-Racism Solidarity Group
  • Contact: Neli Jasuja,
Y-WE Lead on Zoom, Spring 2020
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*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth