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August 1-7 2022, 11AM-5PM Daily

Theme: Writing in, out, around, and through the body

Location: Seattle Public Library: Downtown (1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104)

Let’s not even play, it’s been a rough couple of years and stress lives in our bodies. Join us to write it out and release it into the universe! Different types of writing can help realign us with our bodies, our dreams, our creation, and our joy. Join us for a 7-day immersive experience!

Facilitated by Naa Akua and Meera Bhardwaj

In partnership with Hedgebrook

Track Options:

Embodied Odes & Other Love Spells: A Poetry Playshop with Jessica Rae Bergimino, Hedgebrook Alum

In this track, we’re going to write poems that explore our relationships with our bodies – as gorgeous, complicated, powerful, and confusing as those relationships might be. We’ll get messy with language and play with poetic form as a way of exploring how our bodies take up space and move through the world. Using tools from the fat liberation and body acceptance movements, we’ll explore the ways that poetry can give us tools to cultivate meaningful relationships with our bodies. We’ll probably listen to a lot of Lizzo and play with some astrology. There is space for you in this circle no matter where you are on your self-love or poetry journey.

Songwriting with Grace Love, Hedgebrook Alum

Rooted in soulful expression a songwriting adventure, Grace Love teaches how to reimagine tunes through experiences. 

Screenwriting with Rose McAleese, Hedgebrook Alum

“Write It Down, Act It Up”
Screenwriting is a kind of magic. It’s a very special way of telling stories so that they will come alive through the words and actions of actors. As a beginning screenwriter, you will need a basic understanding of all the skills that go into making a film. That’s why this class will not just be about sitting down and taking notes. You will write, cast, and direct your own one-act short film. But as you learn about the rules and formats of screenplay writing, you will also collaborate with other students to explore improv performance, staging, and other skills that will help you improve your writing, build your confidence, and expand your imagination.

2019 Y-WE Write Summer Camp

Women writers can transform the world.

—Y-WE Write participant


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