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July 31-August 6, 2023

Location: Seattle Public Library: Downtown (1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104)

Facilitated by Naa Akua and Meera Bhardwaj

Theme: The Great Escape

The library is open for discovery! What is the journey that you’ve always dreamed of? Join Y-WE Write to explore different ways of being through your own powers of seeing the cosmos.  We’ll form our own great escapes through our imagination, tools from Seattle Public Library, and supported by phenomenal teaching artists through the mediums of poetry, songwriting, and fantasy. Come and escape with us this summer!

Track Options:

Poetry Playshop with Jessica Rae Bergimino

What’s the difference between a poem and a spell? Between a spell and a map? Ritual and repetition? Where does the moment end and the future begin? In this poetry playshop, we’ll explore different oracular and poetic forms to help us prepare for our next great adventures.  

Songwriting with Grace Love

Learn how to look at writing a song differently! Rooted in soulful expression, a songwriting adventure. Grace Love teaches how to reimagine tunes through experiences. 

The Fantastical: Writing Fantasy Stories with Karen Finneyfrock

Come with us through the secret door, down the enchanted staircase, and into the library within the library, as we write stories of the strange and surprising. We will read mentor texts, practice elements like character, setting, and conflict, and then craft stories where the impossible becomes briefly and brightly possible.

Women writers can transform the world.

—Y-WE Write participant


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