Young Women Empowered

Throw a Y-WE Party

At your next birthday party, dinner party, or event consider bringing your friends together to support young women’s leadership in our community! You can ask your friends to donate as a gift, invite some of our participants to speak at your event, or hire a Y-WE facilitator to lead some creative workshops and games at your party! No matter how you decide to involve Y-WE, proceeds will provide scholarship funds for young women to participate in our programs.

Here are some incredible community members who have thrown Y-WE parties:

Tong Yuan Douville is turning 15 very soon. She is not currently a participant in our program, but she heard about the amazing opporunties we offer and she decided to help other young women in her community by asking people to donate to the amazing Y-WE program in lieu of gifts. She says “I chose Y-WE because emowering young women and helping them realize their leadership potential is at the core of their mission. I know all of the guests at my party agree that this is an important mission because we were all lucky enough to attend an all girls middle school with the same focus and experienced how totally awesome an all girls environment is.”