Angela Hope she/her

Y-WE Create Facilitator

Angela Maria Hope (she/her) is a mixed Mexican german and queer ceramic artist. She is passionate about sacred arts, community, family, and educating youth. She hand builds everything she makes out of earth’s precious clay and is inspired by her ancestry, culture, ancient art, family, home, the magic across the americas, nature, flora and fauna, and the simple pleasures in life. She is endlessly grateful for her ancestors before her and her earthside angels that have loved her, guided her, and taught her how to live a life devoted to our beautiful earth, to everything and everyone in it. When she is not making ceramics, she is teaching youth and children in our Seattle community. She is passionate about being an open and understanding art teacher. She strives to create a classroom community that is safe, loving, and student led. She loves to teach lessons that explore our interests, our identities, and our world. She loves art and she loves teaching!

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