Indigo Magenta they/them

Events Coordinator

Indigo Magenta is our Events Coordinator and a queer artist of color local to the Seattle area. Originally from the Tacoma area, they started their work in advocacy organizing at Tacoma Community College. They moved on to the University of Washington and finished their undergraduate degree in Sociology and Law, Societies, and Justice. Their academic career is where they developed a deep passion for organizing for QTBIPOC community. With a background in diversion programming and cultural competency facilitation, they deeply believe in harm-reduction and community care and integrate it into all of their actions as a leader. As they create space, they lead with the intention that creating spaces for deep discussion and joy can be actions of healing. They previously coordinated a direct-aid closet and pantry and also worked on coordinating market spaces for QTBIPOC folk in the Seattle area. 

In their free time, they enjoy going to OL Reign games, building lego sets, watching trashy reality tv, and spending time with their loved ones, namely their little nieces.

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