Kamilla Kafiyeva she/her

2020 Programs Facilitator

Refugees in the house! Kamilla is a proud Azerbaijani/Armenian artist, writer/poet and passionate youth advocate and community facilitator. Having immigrated to the US at the age of six, Kamilla witnessed her parents re/create and re/define the American Dream. They turned adversity into triumph, scarcity into abundance and instilled in her the belief that ‘home’ is in the heart and soul, versus a fixed location. With the help of a journal, a few rhymes, a microphone- and of course her social justice crew at WSU and the Y-WE community, Kamilla stepped (more like dove head first) into her soul energy, power and creative expression. It took a village to raise and revive her and Kamilla is deeply proud of her roots and journey.  She is committed to her own liberation and life’s calling to write, rhyme and uplift the voices of the youth, especially young girls and women from under-valued, under-resourced and immigrant communities.

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*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth