Karan Nigam he/him

Karan Nigam is a technology product marketer by profession with a penchant for storytelling, building products with a sense of purpose and culturally responsible marketing. He has lived and worked in 3 different countries – India, Finland and USA, and each experience has made him more optimistic about people’s ability to respond to biggest societal problems and the role technology can play in shaping a better world around us.

He has worked in some of the biggest technology companies in the world – Microsoft, Nokia and IBM. He currently leads a product marketing group in Microsoft Teams that’s modernizing team collaboration & championing new ways of working. Prior to this, he was part of the team that launched Windows 10 that is used by more than 600Mn people globally. He led product marketing for affordable smartphones at Nokia which is an iconic consumer brand in Europe & Asia. The fact that a billion plus people on the planet use these products everyday gets him energized.

Outside work, Karan enjoys hiking, biking, writing, mentoring young students. He and his wife are working on a personal goal to hike in all the USA national parks. He is also in midst of reading books to learn more about American society, history and culture. He is a big believer in mentoring younger generation and is actively involved as a guest speaker in local community colleges and is a mentor at Seattle University.

He is a firm believer in the fact that each of us are responsible to play a role, no matter how minor or significant, in moving the society forward. So becoming a part of the Y-We board is his small step forward in the righteous direction.

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*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive