Kelly Powers she/her

Nature Connections Facilitator

Kelly’s journey with Y-WE began as a mentor with Nature Connections in 2019. Since joining Y-WE, she has experienced the power of being outdoors with other women and people of color, while learning alongside young people, and being inspired by a supportive and holistic community. Kelly was raised sailing on her grandfather’s 18-foot sailboat on the Hudson River, kayaking with her stepmother in the Long Island Sound, skiing down the slopes of Mt. Mansfield with her father, and walking the shores of Compo Beach with her friends. She began her career as an outdoor professional in college and loves to adventure deep in the wild with her husband and their four pawed companions. Kelly is passionate about teaching in the outdoors, centering women and gender expansive people of color, youth in her work, and together, deepening our connection to the natural world through adventure.

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