Lashanna Williams she/her

Program Facilitator

Lashanna is a southend witch, a mother, a lover, a massage therapist, a death doula, a community organizer and an educator. Lashanna is a graduate of the University of Michigan, isn’t currently using the degree, still deferring student loans and is still really thankful for the relationships formed there. Lashanna says that she approaches life and relationships the same way she does a massage, “My touch is not a pointed sharp touch, yet we access deep tissues without you leaving in pain.  Sore from stretching- yes, pain, no.  Causing pain is counter-intuitive to how I want to walk this life. ”  
Her end-of-life work is rooted in a community death care model. Lashanna holds a solid grounded space for her clients, bringing a great comfort to a time that can feel out of control.  Her knowledge, skill and experience allow her to assist people and their loves in the time of dying. Lashanna can be found out in community collaborating or absolutely alone making art in her garden. 
“If energy is neither created or destroyed, I am quite sure we’ve met sometime before” – thegoodwitchofcascadia

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