Max Boenish she/her, they/them

2020 Summer Programs Facilitator

Max has had the privilege of being involved with Y-WE for the last ten years – first through volunteering to cook meals and wash dishes at Y-WE retreats and most recently through teaching about sewing and creativity. As someone who loves to work with their hands, Max’s current creative pursuits involve learning how to make a pair of jeans, sewing quilts by hand, and embarking on writing a graphic novel. 

For the last eight years, Max worked for a local nonprofit which focuses on housing people who have been chronically homeless. Last summer she took the plunge to find out if she could go from being an avid bus *rider* to bus *driver* and now delights in driving a 60-foot bus each day for King County Metro. Keep an eye out for Max on the 132 and 28X! They find immense joy in maneuvering a massive vehicle and connecting with the rhythms of the different neighborhoods and people who ride each day.

As a white, genderqueer/non-binary person, Max feels deeply committed to racial justice, deep listening, and being of service in whatever ways are most helpful. Spending time with Y-WE youth has consistently reminded Max to dream big, take risks, and show up even more fully as the person they were meant to become.

Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth