young women presenting at a writing camp by Y-WE

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Dates: August 1-8
11AM-4PM daily

Theme: Writing our Liberation
Facilitated by Naa Akua and Reagan Jackson

Where does liberation live in the body? How does it translate into writing and creative expression? This camp will be an opportunity to come together in community to process the year we’ve had and dream into the futures we want to live in while sharpening our writing skills.

Each day participants will be exploring movement, breath-work, and creativity through our body’s energy centers. Then youth will have an opportunity to delve into one of three writing genres with our Hedgebrook Teaching Artists: songwriting with Katherine Paul, BIPOC Futurism and Speculative Fiction with Michelle Keil, and Memoir Poetry. The camp will culminate in an open mic on August 7 that will be open to families and friends to attend and if youth have work they are interested in publishing, they will have the chance to submit their work to the South Seattle Emerald.

In order to keep our numbers low and create a COVID safe experience for our youth, we will be hosting each track in separate locations in South and Central Seattle and having our all camp experiences online. 

Speculative Fiction/BIPOC Futurisms: Change the story, change the world.

Facilitated by Michelle Ruiz Keil

Location: Coyote Central (2300 E Cherry St, Seattle WA 98122)

BIPOC futurisms imagine a decolonized reality where the past/present/future is liberated through story, art, and the reclamation of indigenous/diasporic sciences and cosmologies.  In this class, we will create our own cosmologies and write our way to liberation, crafting stories that heal, inspire, warn and refuse. You will hone your intuition, find your muse, and expand your craft as an writer, activist and thinker.

Poetry [/as] Memoir: All Your Brave and Beautiful Parts

Facilitated by Jessica Bergamino

Location: Wa Na Wari (911 24th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) 

In this genre-flexible play-shop, we’ll explore the possibilities of metaphor in order to speak the truths that liberate us. We’ll use gentle movement to build embodied experiences with language(s) and craft rituals to meet literary ancestors who can support us in our creative work. At the end of the week, we’ll emerge as more dynamic and thoughtful writers and artists, with new tools for writing with and through life’s changes.

Electrified and Glittery Sound: Songwriting through Experimental Noise and Melodies

Facilitated by Katherine Paul

Location: El Centro de la Raza (2524 16th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98144)

Through this course, you will learn how to create your own unique sound with electric guitar and keyboards using delay, reverb, distortion and other effects pedals. As a class group, we will create sounds together and then create individual or team songs working off one another’s own unique sound.

Day 1: Learning sounds that the instruments make through effects pedals
Day 2: Experimenting with sounds that instruments make through effects pedals
Day 3: Creating sounds with one another
Day 4: Crafting songs with sounds and one another
Day 5: Finalizing on our songs

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