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Y-WE Speak


Thanks for your interest in Y-WE SPEAK! We are hoping to offer a Y-WE SPEAK camp this summer 2016. Please check back in March for enrollment information.

C_Y-WE_SpeakY-WE Speak exists because we believe that Every girl’s story matters…Every girl’s voice is important…We want to to offer you the chance to SPEAK and be HEARD!  

Is Y-WE Speak the right program for you?

Do you have a passion for art and creativity?  Do you want to learn life skills through theater and writing? Do you want to see professional theater shows, meet awesome peers & mentors, and take theater workshops? Then this is an amazing opportunity for you!  This program will be offered as a summer camp in 2016 and will culminate in a public performance. No performance experience is required!

At Y-WE Speak, girls 13-18 will have access to:

  • Public speaking & performance skills–looks great on a resume and college application! (no experience necessary)
  • Mentorship with amazing adult role models who will help you set and meet goals for your future
  • Collaborative teamwork experience that will be relevant to any group project in your future
  • Creative Writing, Narrative and literacy skills that will improve your written and verbal communication

Questions? Contact the Y-WE’s Program Coordinator at (425) 242-0187

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