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Mentorship-based programs for young women & gender expansive youth in Seattle

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Still True: Interview with Reagan Jackson by Y-WE Alum Naomi Kirori

In a candid Q&A with Y-WE alum Naomi Kirori, Reagan Jackson, Co-Executive Director of Young Women Empowered, reflects on her unconventional journey into journalism, never fitting the checkboxes, advice for aspiring writers, and the community responses to her recently released book, "Still True: The Evolution of an Unexpected Journalist.”

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth, otherwise know as Freedom Day, became a National Holiday in 2021. Since then, the public outcry for justice and reparations has grown quieter. Let's not forget that the demand for change is still just as alive.

Y-WE’s STEAM Day Inspires the Next Generation of Professionals

Y-WE STEAM Day is a place where BIPOC young women, trans, and gender expansive youth imagine possibilities, build skills and knowledge, and grow their community of support on the path to STEAM related careers where diverse talent is still vastly underrepresented.
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