Y-WE Create: Summer
Y-WE Create is a week long camp that will allow you to choose your own adventure. We focus on creativity for joy. Applications are currently open!
Y-WE Write: Summer
Y-WE Write: Summer is a weeklong exploration of young women’s voices, stories, dreams and talents. Applications are currently open!
Black Girls/NB Bike
Ride around Seattle, learn the rules of the road, basic bike safety, how to fix a flat tire, and more! Applications are currently open.
Black Mermaids
An exploration of Blackness and water! Applications are currently open.
BIPOC Horse Camp
During this overnight camp, we'll learn to saddle and ride a horse, practice survival skills, and more. Applications are currently closed.
Y-WE Grow
In Y-WE Grow, we put our hands on the land at Marra Farm in South Park, while learning about environmental and food justice.
Y-WE Speak
Find your voice, tell your story, create community! In Y-WE Speak we express our creativity and passions through theater games and performance.
Y-WE Write
Y-WE Write is an opportunity to develop your writing skills and explore writing genres as a community and independently.
Y-WE Tech
In Y-WE Tech we get hands-on with different forms of technology technology, get creative, and learn about technology for social change.
Black Girls Matter Mentorship
BGM Mentorship is a creative, healing, and intergenerational space to be your authentic self with other Black girls and mentors.
Youth Leadership Council
YLC meets throughout the school year to build facilitation skills and engage as leaders within the community.
Y-WE Alum
Y-WE has a vibrant network of alum around the world and we are offering programs to help them navigate careers, finances and life.
Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive