At Y-WE, we prioritize youth and participant safety at all times. Please read through our protocol for maintaining in-person program safety during Pandemics. This is required for all in-person program participants.

Masks are required for all in-person programming. They can be removed briefly for snack and water breaks.

Participants will maintain 6-feet distance apart from each other at all times. Participants must maintain a minimum distance of 10-feet apart when removing masks for snacks and water.

Everyone will wash or sanitize their hands frequently, and especially when entering or leaving group settings.

Y-WE will only provide pre-packaged or professionally prepared individually packaged meals and snacks. Participants are welcome to bring their own food to programs. Participants are not able to share food with one another.

Gloves will be provided and are required when using shared tools or other supplies. All shared tools, gear, and surfaces are washed and sanitized before use and after use.

Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive