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Join us on March 6 for Young Women Empowered’s annual gala. Our theme this year is: cultivating future leaders. While things will feel different this year, we are excited to keep the magic of Ignite alive and come together as a community. Despite challenges, 2020 was an incredibly successful year at Y-WE and we are thrilled to enter 2021 as a stronger and more connected force, ready to build towards the future.

In the early years of Ignite, we hosted dinner parties where youth from our programs prepared a variety of family recipes from cultures all over the world. We are excited to bring that back this year! Each guest will receive a Y-WE cookbook and there will be a live cooking class during the event. You will also hear from fabulous keynote speakers and have the opportunity to connect with other community members in breakout conversations. 

We hope to see you there!

Be an Ambassador for Ignite

An Ignite Ambassador Is…

You are the hosts of the event!  Like all hosts, your roles are manifold: as Y-WE’s primary cheerleaders, you build awareness, excitement and model your own commitment to Y-WE in an ever-expanding circle of supporters, of whom you are also the primary recruiter.  There are no better people to speak the story and mission of Y-WE than you. By filling your Zoom room with guests who will feel fired up and inspired to take action, you ensure not only the success of the night but help with fundraising for the rest of the month.

The Basics:

As an Ambassador, you’ll be helping raise a venturous goal amount of $200,000 to help Y-WE’s programming, operating fund and ensure we can continue to be responsive to the needs of our community. 

OK, so if every guest should help achieve Y-WE’s goal, who should I invite? 

Ways to discern who might both be interested in our work and impactful as a guest are to ask yourself the following questions about a potential invitee. Sensing a positive response to three or more of the questions below is a strong indication of a strategic guest ask.  

  • Is my potential guest interested in Y-WE or young women’s empowerment? 
  • Is this person comfortable being asked to a fundraising event, where the clearly communicated goal of the evening (whether they choose to participate or not) are funds raised for the organization? 
  • This is Y-WE’s largest fundraising event. Do they have the capacity to support financially? 
  • Do they help expand Y-WE’s network and/or access to resources?  (This could be within a business community or affinity group, to stakeholders in government, education systems, technology, foundations, etc.
  • Are they or could they be interested in joining our community of champions and advocating for Y-WE in the larger community, or serving Y-WE directly as a volunteer? 

How it works:

  • Start your own fundraising page for Y-WE, and share it with all your friends and family!
  • Our Development Director, Silvia, will be in touch with you about the process. If you have any questions, you can reach out to her at
  • We will provide you with email invitations/sample language to share with your guests.
  • Your guests do not have to purchase their own individual tickets.
  • Leading up to the event, we will coordinate with you to make sure that you and your guest all receive our gift in the mail!

Thank you for stepping in to represent Y-WE and make an investment for future leaders. Click here to start your own fundraising page!

Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth