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July 10-16, 2023

Location: Young Women Empowered (5623 Rainier Ave S)

At this year’s Y-WE create camp, dreams collide with action! Come and explore what it means to create your own rhythm. At this week-long camp we will utilize creative expression as a mode of manifestation and to turn a thought into a tangible experience. Learn to combine your values and goals – no longer simply dreaming but bringing your aspirations into fruition. Creative leaders will guide you through your choice of cultural cooking, sewing, or ceramics. We will also take time for journaling, mindful meditation, affirmation, and reflection in order to cultivate authentic interactions with ourselves and each other. Together we will generate a supportive and collaborative space to playfully brainstorm and develop our personal passions. We invite you to join us for a journey of self-discovery and community building!

Facilitated by Melanie Granger and Namaka Auwae Dekker

Track options:

Let’s Sew with Jackie Amatucci

In this track, we will learn the basics of sewing a garment, making a bag, understanding a sewing machine and creating items we love. We also will spend time understanding the process of where our clothes come from, and how they end up in landfills. Fast fashion is unsustainable. Becoming creators of culture rather than consumers empowers us to make choices that work. The main purpose of Let’s Sew is to have FUN while learning wonderful skills that we have in our repertoire to build creative lives.

Cultural Kitchen with Andrea Martinez & Nacala Ayele

Find joy and creativity in the kitchen with Nacala and Andrea as we collectively explore our relationships with food! We will learn more about the lands where our produce comes from and the people who grow it. We will celebrate our food heritages by creating culturally significant dishes while learning more about sustainability, seasonal ingredients, and cooking techniques that will give you the skills to create a meal with what you have at home.

Everyday Ceramic Rituals with Eroyn Franklin

Ceramics is a form of alchemy and art that has been used by every culture so it is a powerful medium to connect with our ancestors and the people in our lives. While it is mostly made of earth it changes form with every element it encounters. Our practice will be imbued with rituals that connect us to ourselves, our community, and the natural world. This class will explore multiple ceramic hand building skills such as coiling, pinching, and slab building. I will share a variety of decoration techniques to experiment with. We will create a planter, candleholder, and bowls to use for ritual practice or simply be functional artwork in your home.

I [am taking] away that I am a good person who can trust myself to take social and creative risks without the fear of making mistakes.

— Y-WE Create Youth


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