This is our place, this is our planet…let’s explore!

Y-WE Nature Connections Main Cohort: October 2019 – July 2020

Y-WE Nature Connections go kayaking!

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in summer 2020!

In a diverse and supportive community of girls and women, Y-WE Nature Connections participants explore the outdoors. We connect with beautiful wild places through fun adventures including hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, foraging and more. In doing so, we deepen our relationships with ourselves, each other, our communities and nature.

We actively engage our bodies and practice outdoor skills that increase our enjoyment and empowerment as well as safety and resilience. We discover ways to care for our shared natural environment and live sustainably. Participants meet 1-2 Saturdays a month from October 2019-July 2020, with 2 overnight weekend programs in the spring. 

Questions about Nature Connections?

Contact Program Manager, Rae Parks: | 206-604-1886

Definitely am more aware of my impact on the environment and in my community, as well. It also changes how I think about my educational goals and future.

—Y-WE Nature Connections Youth

Environmental Leadership Council (ELC):
October 2019 – June 2020

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in summer 2020!

In the ELC, participants deepen their awareness of environmental justice issues and gain skills to take action in meaningful ways. The ELC is a group of 12-15 youth and 5 adult mentors who meet every other Thursday during the school year in the greater Seattle area, with occasional events on other days. As we enter the ELC’s second year, we will:

  • explore local environmental and food justice issues
  • grow food at Marra Farm and share it with neighbors
  • host community workshops and meals
  • explore our personal connections to food
  • connect with the natural world around us

Along the way, we will develop leadership and facilitation skills and learn from environmental justice professionals. Most importantly, we will use our own creativity and passion to develop ideas and take action for cultivating a healthier world. 

Questions about Environmental Leadership Council?

Contact Program Manager, Neli Jasuja: | 206-619-7757

Participating in Y-WE Nature Connections has made me want to be outdoors more and connect with people.

—Y-WE Nature Connections Youth

Nature Connection Supporters:

Y-WE Nature Connections is made possible through the generous support of:

  • Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office
  • King Conservation District
  • REI
  • Clif Bar Family Foundation
  • Russell Family Foundation
  • Beim Foundation
  • Dean Witter Foundation 
  • Keen Effect
  • The Mountaineers
  • Clif Bar Family Foundation
  • Many generous Y-WE donors.

Thank you for your support!

ELC at Marra Farm

(After a backpacking trip) “I will take away to leave no trace. And how much strength I have. I made it all the way.”

—Y-WE Nature Connections Youth

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*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth