Grounding in Our Purpose: Build a liberated future now

Our Purpose is a six week storytelling and fundraising campaign with the goal of connecting to the core of what Y-WE does. We are decoding what it means to build a community of belonging, sharing the perspectives of Y-WE participants, and centering our vision of building a just and liberated future. To partner with us in this shared vision, make a gift and help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 before the end of 2023.

Art by Esmeralda Vasquez

Since our inception, Y-WE has been devoted to helping young women* to find their voice and claim their power. Every fall, your support has a direct impact on advancing our work.

Today, we invite you to support our campaign and help Y-WE meet the moment: a time of both extraordinary crisis – and possibility – for young women and gender expansive teens who are coming of age in our community. 

Living in the US requires continuous engagement with systems designed to disempower. Youth who encounter racism, discrimination, and social invalidation are facing escalating harms that threaten their development and wellbeing. 

Community of belonging, the nexus of Y-WE’s transformative programs, is both antidote and activation point. Our programs are unified by five core approaches: radical welcome, healing in community, creative risk, connection through lived experience, and action for collective liberation. In Y-WE, our youth are rejecting systems that seek to exploit and extract from them while building and imagining lives and communities that support and nourish them. Together, we are changing systems by first changing each young person’s experience and self-belief of what’s possible.

Today, we kick off our fall giving campaign with an invitation to unify around our shared vision: a society rooted in social justice where all young women* can live their truth, achieve their dreams, and change our world. In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing some of the inspiring stories that keep us rooted in Our Purpose.

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*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive