Ami Njadoe she/her


Ami is a young woman who is passionate about community development, social change, and youth empowerment. She has been a part of Y-WE since she was 12 years old. She has taken on various roles within Y-WE, from being a participant, to a mentor, to a facilitator, to a board member. She is currently the Vice Chairman of the board, bringing her valuable perspective and experience to the organization.

Ami is also a facilitator for the Young Leaders Institute, a platform with Narratives Unbound that inspires and equips young people to become social innovators and agents of change and uses storytelling and dialogue to address issues of race, gender, and equity. 

Additionally, she is a mentor for Strong Girls United, a nonprofit that empowers girls to be strong, confident, and resilient through sports, mentorship, and mental health programming. Ami believes that creating community and investing in youth is important and uses her experience to back this up.   
She has been involved in many programs that foster creativity, learning, and exploration, such as Nature Connections, Y-WE Bike, Y-WE Create, Y-WE Write, and Y-WE Speak.   

Ami is known for being a curious problem solver, an extraverted connector, and an organized and task-oriented individual.    

She is currently in the process of pursuing her MBA in organizational management, with a focus on non-profits and consulting. Her goal is to effectively lead and manage organizations of all sizes, both for-profit and non-profit.    

Ami’s go-to healing practice is yoga, exercising, meditation, and spending time with her two nieces, Halima and Mecca.  

A fun fact about Ami is that her favorite fruit is mangoes.

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