Beatriz Rojas Vazquez she/her

Nature Connections Program Coordinator

Once upon a time, before 5G network and affordable smartphones, Beatriz Rojas Vazquez, grew up hiking in Washington State by driving alongside highway 2, looking for cars parked, hoping to find a trail nearby. Now, she plans ahead and even brings the 10 essentials on her hikes, (H20, Hammock, Teva Sandals, hot sauce, the most recent fast and furious movie, a four course meal, her ‘pee outside’ hat for sun protection, a compass to her heart in case she meets someone dreamy, a fire extinguisher to stop forest fires and fan to keep her motivated). Professionally, Beatriz worked for the Washington Trail Association (WTA) for 3 years devoted to the mission of conservation, teaching trail work and sustainability. As she transitions to Y-WE as the new nature connections program coordinator, (cue in Megamind, “presentation”, fireworks and ‘we will rock you’ by Queen) she hopes to empower people into enjoying the outdoors, by building a relationship with the land, having fun, and being safe. Beatriz is hoping to give back to her community, pass on her knowledge and help others build confidence in the outdoors. 

When Beatriz isn’t being an absolute thrill seeker, she devotes her time to hosting anime nights, playing Cascadia, ticket to ride and completing 1000 piece puzzles. 

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