Deycha Nhtae she/they

Y-WE Create Facilitator

Portrait of Deycha Nhtae, multi-disciplinary artist

Deycha Nhtae is a 32 year old, Seattle based visual artist and youth teaching artist at Pratt Fine Art Center. She identifies as a queer, Black, non-binary femme, multidisciplinary artist. She’s spent the last decade in Seattle developing her artistry. She uses acrylic, gouache, and digital media to paint figurative illustrations and rhythmic colorful interpretations of everyday people, moods, and scenes. In her teaching, Deycha hone’s the natural creativity and desire for expression of youth. She has worked collaboratively with students from ages 5 to 16 inside and outside of the classroom. She is currently pursuing a masters in teaching to support a career teaching at the high school and postsecondary school level.

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