A Letter from our Directors

Dear Supporters of Young Women Empowered,

Thank you for believing in us and listening when we asked for your partnership to create programming that supports young women from different races, religions, socio-economic and family backgrounds, as well as youth from LGBTQIA+ communities. With your support, we continue to do the work of building a loving and supportive community and striving towards liberation with spirits that are interconnected, intergenerational and intersectional.

2020 was difficult in so many ways and these first days of the new year have revealed a continuation of the same ugliness embedded in the very fabric of our country. Too much power has accumulated in the hands of the few. The white supremacist patriarchy continues its attacks on communities of color through oppressive and unjust policies, institutions, and interpersonal assault. As we watched the events of January 6 unfold,  it was not lost on us that as terrorists invaded the Capitol and posed for pictures, the images on the walls reflected the same white faces. Nor can we ignore that the building itself, both physically and symbolically, was built upon the exploitation and enslavement of Black and Indigenous people. 

We must think and feel into the collective well-being more than ever and continue using our energy and passion to change these oppressive systems. We must use our influence to advocate and support causes that are promoting change and justice. With that in mind, we invite you to take time today to make your list of the things that you want to work toward everyone having access to: be that Education, Housing, Healthcare, Immigrant rights, Prison reform, Police reform, Equal rights, Disability Rights, Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability- whatever it is – it’s all connected in the struggle for liberation and healthy communities. 

Let’s advocate, form coalitions, use our POWER to change things for the survival of the planet and the reparation of our humanity.

In solidarity,

Victoria, Reagan, Rose, Silvia

Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive