Y-WE Heal

The world is having the conversation that Y-WE has been having for 11 years, “How do we center the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Color to be the leaders and changemakers of this world.” We have learned that in order to continue this important work, we have to prioritize our personal journey towards healing.  

Through Blackout Healing, Y-WE supports Black Leaders to foster a healing space for the Black community to feel safe, rest and thrive. We have formed an Asian and Pacific Islander Anti-racist Solidarity Group, as well as a White Affinity Group; both working towards internalized colonization and actionable allyship.

In our Fall programs this year, our young women* are focusing on their personal healing journey by learning how to establish boundaries, creating their own specialized ways through DIY Healing, and reflecting on their personal stories through Nature Art and Journaling.

Through this campaign we invite our community of supporters to go on this journey to heal in solidarity with us. When we are healed, we have the ability to pour in to our communities, cultivating a space for collective healing. 

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Discussion Question #1
Take a moment of rest today with this guided eye movement meditation from Y-WE’s Co-Executive Director, Victoria Santos.
Join Y-WE and invest in a better future for young women*
*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth