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 Y-WE CREATE (Reimagined) Summer Camp

Now taking place online!

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ABOUT Y-WE CREATE: While our summer offerings will feel different this year, we are excited to offer both 6-day intensives and weekly program options on various creative topics! You can sign up for one or many of these options. Below is a list of these program offerings.

6-Day Intensives

Week One – Murals // Making // Mindfulness (June 29 – July 5, 1:30-4PM): In this intensive, a small cohort of youth will design and paint a public artwork in Seattle. We will learn the principles of art and design and apply these principles to creating visuals that amplify our voice. We’ll explore the history of public art and discuss the role that art and artists play in social revolutions. Then, we will apply our discoveries to our present moment in history. Our engagement will be split between virtual and in person sessions. Sessions 1&2 will occur via zoom, the remaining four days, we will meet on site in Seattle. While in person, we will follow strict safety practices in alignment with state and CDC guidelines. Come prepared to get messy and be in creative community! All levels of art experience are welcome. Facilitated by Mari Shibuya.

Week 2 – Sacred Art of Listening to Plant, Tree, and Elemental Wisdom (July 6 – July 12, 1:30 – 3:30PM): Plants, trees and the elements hold millions of years of knowledge and intelligence. We are in dialogue and community with them whether we are aware of it or not. In this class we will begin to open ourselves to the many ways they speak, heal, and teach. Bring your curiosity, your playfulness, and willingness to open to other perspectives. Facilitated by Cristina Orbe.

Week 3 – Jewelry as Embellishment (July 13 – July 18, 1:30 – 3:30PM): This workshop will be an opportunity to experience making beautifully constructed jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants) out of fabric, metal, beads, and found objects. This workshop will give you basic and intermediate skills needed to create your own brand of beautiful jewelry and adornments. We will use different types of threads, cording, felt, shells, sterling wire, copper wire, findings(earwires, crimp beads, “O” ring-connectors, chain) a variety of cloth, and leather. Facilitated by Jackie Amatucci.

Week 4 – “What’s my STYLE?” (July 20 – July 25, 1:30 – 3:30PM): One of the main trend-setting fashion revolutions taking place in many of our communities involves up-cycling clothes by using a variety of techniques to alter our everyday wear. We will learn how to dye a shirt, print a pattern we design on a jacket or top, sew patches of various shapes on jeans, shorts, tops. Other really fun and creative ideas include embroidering colorful geometric patterns on a variety of our wardrobe pieces. Shortening a skirt, hemming a pair of pants, painting designs on clothing and heat-pressing them so they are permanent will be other skills being taught. The possibilities for creating a unique wardrobe of items you already own will delight you, save money and enhance your CREATIVE skills are endless. Facilitated by Jackie Amatucci.

Weekly Cohorts (June 29 – July 5)

Mondays: BIPOC Activist Farm Tour (9am – 11am): Together we will visit Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) farmer activists around King County committed to feeding their communities healthy, sustainable, and culturally relevant food. This is an act of resistance in opposition to the racist and unjust food system dominant in the U.S and an opportunity to engage in healing land-based trauma. We will learn from each farmer what motivates them to do this work, tour their farms, support them with tasks, and probably taste and make a few things along the way. This offering will center BIPOC participants and capacity is limited to 4. We will follow strict safety practices in alignment with state and CDC guidelines. No gardening experience necessary! Facilitated by Neli Jasuja.

Tuesdays: Nature Art & Journaling (11am – 1pm): Together we’ll journal and make art inspired by nature and our inner creative selves. There will be space for deep conversations and building community, as well as time to look inwards and connect deeply with ourselves. As we grow our relationships with nature through art and guided writing, we’ll share in its wisdom, resilience, beauty, and creativity. Facilitated by Rae Parks.

Wednesdays: Creating Your Artistic Practice (10am – 12pm): What could be learned from pulling tarot cards on a daily basis, taking time to learn from artists in different disciplines, and giving special attention to the ways you honor the tools of your craft? This course will focus on process over product by engaging with the question of how your artistic practice might be impacted by experimenting with different ways to slow down and tune in. The majority of the learning will take place offline through a box filled with course materials including journals, candles, tarot cards, and hands on learning experiments. Each week guest artists will join our Zoom call to answer questions on topics such as the power of starting small, cultivating digital free downtime, and going from inspiration to integration. Facilitated by Max Boenish.

Thursdays: Empowered Outdoors (10am – 11:30pm): In Empowered Outdoors, we’ll look outside to inspire joy, build connections, and empower ourselves and our communities. We’ll explore how to plan different kinds of outside trips, practice outdoor skills, and learn new ways to keep ourselves and loved ones safe and healthy during outdoor adventures. We’ll also deepen our relationships with the natural world and hear inspiring stories of radical womxn change-makers who work and play outdoors. Though we’ll be meeting online, the outdoors will be our inspiration! Facilitated by Rae Parks.

Thursdays: Healing (11:30pm – 1pm): Healing is a workshop where we will define our own ways of healing! We’ll have an opportunity to connect and learn different breathing techniques with each other, create a space that’s self affirming and reflective through poetry, journaling, and intuitive art, and diy musical instruments that will bring a calm to your journey and home. Facilitated by Naa Akua.

Fridays: Hands on the Land at Marra Farms (9am – 11am): With our hands on the land at Marra Farm in South Park, we will connect deeply with the earth in reciprocal relationship, learn practical gardening skills, and grow fresh, culturally relevant produce expanding food access locally. Skills include preparing vegetable beds, planting vegetable starts and seeds, weeding by hand, watering, harvesting, and washing produce. Capacity is limited to 4. We will follow strict safety practices in alignment with state and CDC guidelines. Equipment is provided, no gardening experience necessary! Facilitated Neli Jasuja.

Drop-in Programs (June 29 – July 5)

Wednesdays: Quarantine Kitchen (12 – 1pm): Stuck at home and want to make something different to eat? Join a rotating cast of community cooks, get a glimpse of what’s in their kitchen and some inspiration for yummy food you can make in yours.

Fridays: Verses, Vibes & Deep Dives (5pm – 7pm): Verses, vibes and deep dives is a weekly drop-in session where we write, listen to music, and watch interviews and projects from an array of artists. The verses are our own creation and the vibes span multiple generations; the content that we dive into – will be for me and will be for you. Bring your journal, bring your pen; we’ll bless your playlist, til day’s end. We are what we watch and what we consume, so enrich your summer & join us on Zoom! Facilitated Kamilla Kafiyeva.

1 on 1 Academic Support: Are you struggling with school work? Do you need someone to walk you through it? We will connect you with a mentor who can help. Contact Tayah at