Introducing Y-WE Bloom

With Spring starting this weekend, there will be flowers blooming everywhere. A similar thing is happening with our youth at Y-WE. After being in our programs for Fall and Winter, they are starting to find their voice, define their boundaries, and are blooming into the leaders they are meant to be.

Today we launch our 6 week campaign, Y-WE Bloom, highlighting 10 of our many incredible Y-WE Leaders who are helping to shape the future of our community. Each week we will present one or two short, vibrant stories diving into the brilliant minds of these women* and non-binary leaders. Like the plants in the garden, each one has its own care, nutrients and its own way of showing up in the world. Together these voices create the gorgeous community that is Y-WE.

We are raising $200,000 to ensure that we can keep nurturing our blooming garden. 

Your donation will help us continue to expand our community of belonging by supporting youths’ basic needs, continuing to provide incredible programing, and developing more opportunities for our leaders to fully come into their purpose. Thanks to a generous donor your gift will be matched 1:1.

When it is harvest time, the seeds that were planted during the colder months produce an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and some of the most spectacular flowers you have ever seen. These flowers that bloomed, produce hundreds of seeds to be planted for the next season. Thank you for helping us tend to the garden. This is Y-WE Bloom.

With Love,
All of us at Y-WE

P.S. Keep your eyes on our Instagram and Blog over the next six weeks to make sure you don’t miss any of the amazing videos!

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*those who identify as women, girls, trans, non-binary, or gender expansive