Y-WE Bloom: Aliyah

For our third story in the Y-WE Bloom series, meet Aliyah! Help us continue to support our youth by donating to Bloom.

Q&A format:

Q: Introduce yourself!
A: “Hi my name is Aliyah, and I am a youth participant at Y-WE”

Q: What does Y-WE mean to you?
A: “Y-WE has provided me with friendships. Kind and trustworthy adults. Y-WE, for me, is a really safe place and environment.”

Q: What makes you feel powerful?
A: ” I drew a Muslim with the words faith, strength, beauty and power over her head. I drew this because wearing my hijab makes me feel powerful. Muslims all over the world face physical and emotional violence because of how we dress and what we believe in. I feel powerful when I wear a hijab because I know that no one and nothing can stop me from believing in my faith.”

Q: How do you Bloom?
A: “I bloom by surrounding myself with positivity. I also bloom by expanding my knowledge in topics that are important to me. That are, like, related to social justice, climate change and human rights issues.”

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