Y-WE Bloom: Awate

For our second story in the Y-WE Bloom series, meet Awate! Awate is a youth participant in the Y-WE Tech program.

Q&A format:

Q: Introduce yourself!
A: “Hi my name is Awate, I am a student in Y-WE Tech.”

Q: What does Y-WE mean to you?
A: “Y-WE is a program that helped me get out of my shell. I don’t know, it just helped me become a better person. No matter who you are, you have a family at Y-WE.”

Q: What makes you feel powerful?
A: “I feel most powerful when I’m heard, when my voice is out there. When people can listen to my opinion.”

Q: What does liberation look like?
A: “I feel like liberation looks like people coming together either for a common cause or for reopening a community. For example, Black liberation. People want Black people to come together. Even though like a lot of stuff has happened within the Black community, the way they want us to like liberate is by like putting most of our differences aside and coming together as a whole.”

Q: How do you Bloom?
A: “The way I bloom is by making a change, trying something new, discovering new things. I feel like we won’t get anywhere if we don’t help others expand their mind.”

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