Y-WE Bloom: Fatra

Meet Fatra, a participant in our Youth Leadership Council!

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Q&A Format:

Q: What does Y-WE mean to you?
A: Y-WE is just like, amazing. I love coming in and like being able to talk to whoever I want to talk to, building something more than myself.

Q: What does liberation look like?
A: Liberation looks like freedom. And not being held to things people expect from you. There’s a lot of expectations put on people by like who you should be, how you should act, how you should present yourself, and I think that liberation means, like, being free from that.

Q: How do you bloom?
A: I bloom…my family. Because, I feel like my family has a big impact on me, especially my older siblings. They help me understand who I am and they help me figure out things when I’m confused and when I’m just angry. And they help my self esteem too.

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