Y-WE Bloom: Naomi

Last but certainly not least, our final video in the Y-WE Bloom series features Naomi, a member of our Youth Leadership Council! A HUGE thank you to everyone who came together to make this beautiful campaign and video series happen, and to everyone who has followed along. It has been an honor to highlight some of the voices that create the gorgeous community that is Y-WE.

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Q&A Format:

Q: What does Y-WE mean to you?
A: Honestly it’s a space where I actually feel the most heard. I feel heard for my diversity and what I also bring to the table.

Q: What does liberation look like?
A: When I think of, like, liberation and like, equality, I think of like, the disproportion, right, and everything’s at a disadvantage. But I also think of how everything is set up and how instead of disciplining someone and saying “you did this bad so you have to do this,” how can we support them and form like a circle around them? In a community space like Y-WE, instead of just pushing them away and pushing them aside.

Q: How do you Bloom?
A: I Bloom because of everyone around me. Like, I have a very strong support system. And the energy, and the time we spend, quality time is really important. I also have a mindset of hustle, and a mindset of dedication when I put my mind to something as well.

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