Y-WE Bloom: Nikai

Our next story in the Y-WE Bloom series comes from Nikai! Nikai has been a participant in Y-WE Programs for the past several years and we are so grateful for everything she brings to our community. Thank you for being a part of our Bloom campaign!

Q&A Format:

Q: What does Y-WE mean to you?
A: Y-WE is my community, and that’s really important for me because I was raised in a very predominately white environment. When I entered Y-WE, I felt like I finally had the ability to explore what I really like to do.

Q: How do you Bloom?
A: I feel like I Bloom, or show how I Bloom, through my style. Through expressing through I am through my hair, and my nails, and my clothing.

Q: What does liberation look like?
A: Liberation for me means feeling protected and safe in my body and my spirit and feeling like I own my body and feeling very free in my body to be able to do and express however I want, without having harm or judgement be passed onto me.

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