In Y-WE Create, we focus on exploring a variety of creative mediums in a safe space that encourages trying new things and taking creative risks. As with all Y-WE programs, Create is free to attend and open to young women, trans, non-binary, and gender expansive youth ages 13-19. Create is offered as a school-year cohort (with different creative mediums explored in the Fall, Winter, & Spring) as well as a week-long summer camp.

Create Summer Camp 2024: July 8-14

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10:30AM-4:00PM daily at the Y-WE office (5623 Rainier Ave S)
Lead Facilitator: Devon Little

Y-WE Create Summer Camp is a one week exploration of various arts and creative practices. We provide opportunities that encourage youth to try new things and take creative risks. Youth will have the opportunity to hear from professional artists about their processes and to choose between three creative modalities in which to build skills.


  • To play and create, manifesting our imaginings
  • To learn about our personal, creative process
  • To increase our comfort taking creative risks
  • To imagine ways of applying what we learn in other areas of our lives
  • To forge the kinds of relationships that make all this possible!
Youth will choose one of three tracks to explore during the week:

Facilitated by Eileen Jimenez

During our Printmaking Track together, we will create artwork that reflects our experiences and relationships with Land, to joy, to resilience, to ourselves, and to our communities through printmaking. We will learn and practice many techniques in printmaking including linocut relief printing, reduction printing, and monotype. We will also practice printing using various materials, and ink types, embellishing our prints with various mediums to tell our stories in the complex layers they exist in.

Herbal Medicine: Where the Wild Things Grow
Facilitated by Melanie Granger

During our track we will focus on plants, herbal medicine & salves that you can use to heal, refresh, renew your body and connect to our ancestral roots. We will also taste, smell, and discuss the healing properties of each herb while making our own salves, tea concoction, and medicine.

Facilitated by Jessica Dickinson

Dive into the world of conscious crafting through sewing! From learning to thread a needle to gaining confidence using a sewing machine, you’ll join the patchwork of sewists who have brought joy, love, and care to their communities. Throughout the course you’ll delve into eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable sewing practices. Each student will walk away with their own handmade tote bag, learn to read patterns, scrap bust, and breathe new life into old garments. This class will empower you to (re)create garments with purpose, clothe your body with care, and embrace your mistakes. 

I [am taking] away that I am a good person who can trust myself to take social and creative risks without the fear of making mistakes.

— Y-WE Create Youth


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