Applications for Write 2020 are now closed. Check back in the spring for more info on Write 2021!

Summer Camp August 10–16, 2020

Thank you for your interest in participating in Y-WE Write (Reimagined)! In order to honor our commitment to the health and safety of our participants, Write will be a week long day-camp held online over Zoom. The theme is Y-WE Dream. During this time of so much change, how can we use writing as a tool to write a new vision for what our lives can be?


Write will take place on August 10-16, from 10:00am-1:00pm each day. (We will take a zoom break on Thursday and participants will not have to log in).

Participants will receive two zoom links. One for plenary with everyone and one for each specific track. 

At the beginning of each day, facilitators BJ and Reagan will host 45 minutes of connection/ icebreakers/author talks/ movement or conversation. After this we will take a 15 min break. Participants will log back into Write for 2 hours of track time with their track-specific Hedgebrook teaching artist.

On Sunday 8/16 from 12:00pm-2:00pm we will have a digital open mic that will be open for youth and families.

2019 Y-WE Write Summer Camp

Youth will:

  • Spend time with diverse girls and women
  • Meet dedicated mentors who will inspire you
  • Work with professional authors
  • Develop your unique voice, writing skills and talents
  • Explore your creativity through art and dance
  • Relax and make new friends

Women writers can transform the world.

—Y-WE Write participant

The Tracks:

Flash Fiction Fantasy

Facilitated by Karen Finneyfrock

Do you invent new ways of crafting magic? Imagine other worlds? Create creatures with mythological backstories? Do you want to? In this workshop we will write very short stories (flash fiction) in which the fantastical happens. Lighting our mysterious path will be writers like Nisi Shawl and Naomi Novik.

My Dream is My Anthem

Facilitated by Amber Flame

Explore songwriting through the lens of transformation and social change. We’ll explore the power of music to unite and comfort in times of turmoil. Together, we can create calls to action and calls to manifest a dream of a new world through group and individual song.

I Am My Own Muse: Sourcing Inspiration from our Lives 

Facilitated by Mayda del Valle

In this workshop participants will use their personal experiences as a source of inspiration for creating poems and spoken word pieces. We will also read work by contemporary authors as a way to study structure, content and techniques. 

It was paradigm-shifting. Thank you all SO much. I really hope to return and stay connected.

—Y-WE Write Mentor
2019 Y-WE Write Summer Camp


Participants will not be charged tuition. Participants and families are encouraged to make donations to Y-WE if they so choose.


Contact Program Coordinator Tayah Carlisle: | (425) 242-0187. 

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*those who identify as women or girls or who were assigned female at birth