In Y-WE Write, we explore multi-genre writing independently and as a community. As with all Y-WE programs, Write is free to attend and open to young women, trans, non-binary, and gender expansive youth ages 13-19. Write is offered as a school-year cohort as well as a week-long summer camp.

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Summer 2024: August 5-11

Daily at the Seattle Public Library (1000 4th Ave)

Calling all writers! Be prepared to be encouraged, inspired, challenged and committed to your writing practice. Whether you write daily or this is your first time picking up a pen, if you love storytelling and have a willingness to learn, this camp is for you. Join us at the Seattle Public Library downtown for a week long day camp that will strengthen your writing, allow you to explore different genres and get to know some amazing professional writers.

Youth will choose one of three tracks to explore during the week:

Screenwriting: Write It Down, Act It Up
Facilitated by Rose McAleese

Screenwriting is a kind of magic. It’s a very special way of telling stories so that they will come alive through the words and actions of actors. As a beginning screenwriter, you will need a basic understanding of all the skills that go into making a film. That’s why this class will not just be about sitting down and taking notes. You will write, cast, and direct your one-act short scenes. But as you learn about the rules and formats of screenplay writing, you will also collaborate with other students to explore improv performance, staging, and other skills that will help you improve your writing, build your confidence, and expand your imagination.

Memoir Comix
Facilitated by Mita Mahato

What makes the medium of comix so dynamic is its hybrid wiliness—bringing together and reflecting on the multiple ways we can represent the world. Mixing word and image, or different kinds of images, comix can echo our layered and complicated lives, ideas, and the issues we care about—as well as help us see in new ways, ask questions, and be surprised.

In this class, we will experiment with nonfiction forms (essay, memoir, poetry) through the medium of comix. We will think about what makes comix storytelling work, as well as practice the foundational elements of the comix page (panels, gutters, speech bubbles, etc.) with a variety of nondigital drawing tools. Our activities will encourage experimentation so each participant can find the style and form to suit the story they want to share. Over the week, participants will each conceptualize and complete a mini comic of their own.

Facilitated by Ebo Barton

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