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Roe V. Wade: Progress takes Persistence

The Y-WE community is rooted in the principals of creating a society where all of us have agency over our own bodies. We must now be there for each other as we navigate through the times ahead.

Celebrating our 2022 Graduates

On June 4 we gathered together with community at Marra Farm to celebrate those who will be “graduating” from Y-WE Programs, and becoming Y-WE Alum. Check out these impactful remarks from our keynote speakers!

Y-WE Bloom: Naomi

Last but certainly not least, our final video in the Y-WE Bloom series features Naomi, a member of our Youth Leadership Council! A HUGE thank you to everyone who came together to make this beautiful campaign and video series happen, and to everyone who has followed along. It has been an honor to highlight some of the voices that create the gorgeous community that is Y-WE.

Y-WE Bloom: Nikai

Our next story in the Y-WE Bloom series comes from Nikai! Nikai has been a participant in Y-WE Programs for the past several years and we are so grateful for everything she brings to our community.

Y-WE Bloom: Nora

Meet Nora, a Y-WE Alum & Mentor. Nora describes Y-WE as “that force or energy there that will always catch you [if you fall].” We are so grateful for Nora’s long-lasting and impactful participation in our community!

Y-WE Bloom: Silvia

The next story in the Y-WE Bloom series comes from Silvia, Y-WE’s Director of Development & Communications! She has been with Y-WE since the Fall of 2019 and we are so grateful for her leadership as part of our team.

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